Testimonials of a few ‘friends’ of the Trust. We are ever thankful to them and many others for the support we have received. 
Hilda Fridh

I have very fond memories of visiting the school, both as a guest in the Chatterjee household, and once in 2005 as a participant in the 2005 Founders Day Function. What impressed me that time was first and foremost all the amazing and energetic pupils who had gone to such a length to prepare the  performance pieces. Since I last visited the school I have had children of my own, and the eldest started school this year. When I compare all the resources and staff available to my son, to the kids at Dinanath Chatterjee K G School,  I can now ever more appreciate all the work put in by the staff, which enables the school to recieve and educate so many children. 


I am now settled in Stockholm, where I live with my husband and three kids. I work as a dimplomat with the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. My dream is to be able to one day bring my kids to see the school for themselves.



Amrita Banerjee

I have not been a student of this institution. But I don’t know why, I have always felt a link with it. It has kept working between the school and me. Since the age of 10, a close family bond developed between me and the members of the management. Since then, I have been motivated to be involved in school competitions. I have grown up with lots of memories of the school. I liked watching school kids running around in the ground. These kids are my motivation to be a successful mother (I became a mother in November 2013).

Thanks to the school and the lovely children for bringing me so much joy.


I am now involved in Dinanath Chatterjee KG School in the accounts and administration. I live in Uttarpara, Hoogly, West Bengal with my family. 




Rituparna Mitra


The society of ideal education & cultural environment………my beloved school—-Dinanath Chatterjee K.G School.





Kathleen Marie Longwaters


Money may be gained and money may be lost, but even if one forgets a specific fact or piece of information, he or she—once educated—remains an educated person. Education does not simply fill us with facts as if pouring marbles into a jar; it changes who we are. It gives us a better understanding of who we are now and who we want to be. It also gives us a sympathetic understanding of others and the world around us. It increases harmony and decreases discord. Supporting education is a gift to the individual(s) and to society.