If you wish to get involved either by providing monetary contribution or in any other way, we would be very happy. Please read below for more details

Our needs are very small. You could help by sponsoring the education of a child for a year. The cost of educating a child in an area such as Nischinda is much less compared to a metropolis in India.

Depending on the age of the child, tuition and other fees of a child in the DNCKG School for a year is between Rs. 2800 and Rs. 3510. If we add costs of text and exercise books, Rs 4500-5000 is sufficient to educate a child for a year. We do not provide clothes, food or medical services to our small children.

Anyone wishing to spend more time with the children and volunteer in teaching and administrative work will be welcomed with open heart.

Further, we would welcome training opportunities for our staff members to improve their skills and ability. If any individual or organisation wishes to provide training please get in touch with us.

Lastly, we would need contributions to our funds to repair our school buildings and carry out annual maintenance work. Our School and Trust is housed in an old house, which requires substantial attention every year for its upkeep. Any amount would help.

  Annual Competition - January, every year

If you wish to make a donation or contribute in any way, please use the ‘Contact’ page to connect with us. Thank you in advance for your support.
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