The Annual Cultural and prize Distribution Programme was held on 20 March in Gana Bhawan, Uttarpara, Hoogly. It was a beautiful programme with music, dances, a drama, dance dramas and poetry recitations. Academic prizes of 2016, including Chaitanyadeb Chattopadhyay Memorial prizes, were presented to the students on this day. Chaitanyadeb Chattopadhyay was the honorary secretary, mentor, heart and soul of the school until he passed away in 2008.

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Saraswati is the Goddess of wisdom and knowledge. Every year, educational institutions of Bengal worship Maa Saraswati in their premises. We too had our idol and celebrations this year. Please see the photos.

Our Annual Sporting event was held on 19 January in a ground near our school as per our tradition. It was a colourful and fun event which ended with customary "Go As You Like' in which children dress up as different characters or famous personalities.

Our Annual Competition of sit and draw, singing and poetry recitation for children aged between 3 and 10 years was held on 15 January. The competition is held in honour of our Founder - Jagadiswar Chatterjee. Here are some videos and photos of the event.

As per our tradition we began the year with our Founder - Jagadiswar Chatterjee's - birth anniversary celebrations in our school premises. Our children put up a beautiful cultural programme on this occasion. The programme was chaired by the student who ranked first academically in Class III the year before (therefore has been admitted in Class IV in 2017). The student would chair all our events this year as per our tradition.